Water Pik – An Effective Substitute for Flossing

Water Pik – An Effective Substitute for Flossing
Posted on 01/02/2015

Hollar Dental Group, your oral health is our number one priority, which is why we cannot stress enough the importance of flossing. However, some people just can't seem to do it. Until now, the only option has been to just bite the bullet and floss - but there's a new kid in town.

Introducing the water pik. A water pik is an oral irrigation system that uses a small, high-pressure stream of water to clean between teeth, removing excess food and bacteria and stimulating circulation to the gums.

In clinical trials, a water pik was found to be as effective as floss in removing plaque formation and reducing gum inflammation, which is why we’re excited to tell you about them. Water piks can also be a great option for anyone with braces - instead of threader floss, a stream of water may be much more convenient. A water pik could be a huge time saver for anyone currently undergoing treatment.

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