Posted on 03/04/2015

Suffering from headaches? As it turns out, those headaches may have a lot to do with your teeth. A condition known as bruxism - the grinding or clenching of teeth - can be a major contributor to stress and tension headaches. When the teeth are clenched for too long, muscle tension can cause a headache. Bruxism is usually an unconscious reaction to anxiety, stress, or frustration, so most people are completely unaware that it happens.

Bruxism headaches are generally mild to moderate in severity and feel like a tightness around the head. In addition to a dull headache, people with bruxism may experience jaw or facial pain, increased tooth sensitivity, or, potentially, chipped teeth. Bruxism can be caused by a wide variety of things - anything from psychological factors such as stress and anxiety to physical abnormalities in the bite and shape of the mouth.

This condition is very common, and thankfully, treatment is usually easy. The simplest way to fight bruxism, for most people, is stress management and conscious relaxation: any time you're feeling overworked or feel yourself clenching your jaw, take a moment to relax, breath, and let go of the tension. One great trick is to try softly holding a pencil between your front teeth. The most common treatment, however, is a dental appliance - a mouth guard or protective splint that can be worn, either during the day or at night, to protect the teeth and relieve some of the tension created from grinding. More involved treatments can include bite correction or realignment of crooked teeth to fix the root (no pun intended) cause of the clenching.

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